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strange behaviour in spellbook


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Should be sppr111c.bam ( *a.bam is for spell scrolls)


That's pretty weird if it's displaying the correct icon with the wrong reference in the spell header; I remember fixing the reference when I touched up the color balance on sppr111c.bam, but I don't remember if it displayed correctly or not.

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Uh yes, Nythrun :)


Still would any of you take a peek at your own copy of sppr111.spl and tell me what you see in the spellbook icon field?

Mine should be the official ToB version and it has definitely SPPR111B in the spellbook icon field.

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Here is what i see (after i extracted the file from spells.bif!!!)


0000h Signature SPL V1

0008h UnID name 00006401

000ch ID name 0098967f

0010h Completion CAS_P02

0018h Attributes 00000000

001ch Spelltype 0002

001eh Usability 00000000

0022h Casting glow 000c

0024h UNKNOWN 00

0025h School type 0001

0027h Sec. type 07

0028h UNKNOWN 00000000

002ch UNKNOWN 00000000

0030h UNKNOWN 00000000

0034h Level 00000001

0038h UNKNOWN 0001

003ah Book icon SPPR111B <------- this should be sppr111c

0042h UNKNOWN 0000


004ch UNKNOWN 00000000

0050h UnID desc 00006403

0054h ID desc 0098967f


0060h UNKNOWN 00000000

0064h Ext. offset 00000072

0068h Ext. count 0014

006ah Feat. offset 00000392

006eh CFB offset 0000

0070h CFB count 0000

0072h Ext. head 1

0072h Spelltype 01

0073h UNKNOWN 00

0074h Use location 0002

0076h Use icon SPPR111B

007eh Target type 05

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Ok, this is what happens: the engine overwrites the last letter with a C.

When i say last letter, it means it looks for the last letter in the resref, so if i set the bam as 'X', it will try to find C.BAM

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Or why they didn't just go all auto and always chop the last letter off all icon refs in spells...


I don't understand it either. If you notice that you screwed up when assigning the icon, why not fix the spell instead of changing the engine? Hopefully, this was something from BG and all the engine variants will have it.

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