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SHS: Fanfiction and Fanart Challenges

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The Fanfiction Challenge is a monthly challenge hosted at Spellhold Studios. Each month a topic will be provided and writers are challenged to come up with a story or stories that fit the topic. Story length or quantity is not limited by an "at least", or "no more than" so whether it's 10 words or 10,000 (kudos) it will be accepted.


We hope you have fun writing, and working with themes you might never have otherwise. The fanfiction challenge is as hard or as easy as you want it to be - but keep in mind that the more you put in, the more you get out, so if you have some extra moments to go over what you've written or write something extra, I would fully suggest that you do it, if only for your own satisfaction of a job well done. :)


Go Check the SHS Fanfiction Challenge Forum out here!


The first challenge is called "Me and My Crazy Friends", and centres around the inhabitants of Spellhold. We all have a different take on our brief stay with the all-seeing Aphril and Naljier, the changing Dili, the former warden Wanev, the dog-fearing Dradeel, and of course the Gnome who will rule the world, Tiax. But how did they end up there, how did they receive their curses, and if they did live, would they ever find a cure or a way to live on?


Check out the challenge thread here!


Feeling creative? Your pen itching to write a story? Go write!



The Weekly Fanart challenge at Spellhold Studios is an event which has been going for over a month now, and has accumulated a number of fans and participants - so far, over the last 6 challenges (not including the 7th challenge) there have been a total of 20 participants and 63 entries - and the 7th adds even more!


Subjects so far have ranged from "<CHARNAME>", "Edwin" and "Gorion" to "Jaheira", and if the Fanart Ideas Thread is any indication we're in for some rather interesting topics in the future!


The current Fanart Challenge, ending this Friday the 4th of May, is "The Solar", and has generated a phenomenal amount of art and participants, and we hope that this is an indication of things to come.


So if you have a spare ten minutes or so and a pencil, tablet, piece of charcoal, a pen or even a crayon, take a crack at the Weekly Fanart Challenge!

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