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Compatibility with Druidic Sorcerer Kit


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To whom it may interest/concern:


I think druidic sorcerer is NOT compatible with DR. It's just a guess of mine (i'm not a modder). I've tried 2 different Mod compilations and:


1st: installed DR then enhanced goldberries (from d0tweaks) then Druidic Sorcerer kit and DR didn't work correctly. Any kit could access pretty any spell


2nd: installed enhanced goldberries then DR (BUT NO druidic sorcerer this time) and DR works beautifully.



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The Druidic Sorcerer mod bends the rules a bit (out of necessity to allow the kit to function). Unfortunately, its creator (TatMaster, I think) has moved away from BG2 modding if I'm not mistaken (meaning no current support).


Divine Remix has a history of not working well with other kit mods. To his credit, CamDawg has put some effort into facilitating compatibility (a detailed post concerning how to render your mod compatible with DR, etc).


Add the two together and I'm not surprised that they conflict. Perhaps someone (possibly me, if I can find the time) could take a look at the two mods sometime and determine whether or not they could be made to work together.

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