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On the topic of "it happens to everyone"...


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Did a full forum search, but I think I know what happened - just have to share the pain.


BG2, full install, careful guidance, open everything and look at code, you name it -


Beautiful, fun game. My party of heros and heroines go to do Trademeet, and as I leave the Militia Guard at the front gate, I notice that while everyone is blue, the militia quard and militia wizard outside the front gate are now sparring with eachother (I was in time to save them from the savage beasts).


"Oh", I thinks to meself I does, "That's strange. Perhaps the mage cast an area effect spell, and one of the militia had trouble. Oh well, not my problem."


I continue on, and get Cernd from prison, and head off. Several hours of playing later I have a new Druid Stronghold, some good battles, Faldorn's head on a pike, and am ready to be welcomed back as the Hero of Trademeet.





It seems that *someone* forgot that the EnemyAlly condition may not have triggered immediately, but that Shout works with AttackedBy([GOODCUTOFF]), so what was a minor fisticuffs I ignored,


now is an odd version of Running man, with my party AI off, and crowds of angry townspeople (who we can't kill - hey, we are goodguys, remember) and militia are following us around spreading the bad word.


And of courrse, it is a Shout, so even when I set up a small fix BCS that overrides tmgrd01 and tmgrd02 and changes them to neutral, by the time that has run the whole thing has virused out, and reinfects the militia...




Perhaps I just need to ditch the whole sequence, and restart from before Trademeet. This time, if one of those dudes so mutch as *looks* at eachother funny, I am going to go for Fallen Paladin status so fast you won't be able to say "holy ginsu master, cmorgan, I didn't know the Flail of Ages could be dual wielded with Frostreaver in quite such an ignoble and base manner!"

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I hate it when that happens. For me, it's usually Minsc's fault. That's why I was saying that you should turn party AI off when watching Hendryk kill L. He gets overexcited.


'Fraid your only recourse is to go back to an earlier save. You will have to go to Trademeet again in the course of your travels, and they won't forget.

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Oh dear. Yes, I'd restart - but doesn't the Fixpack fix this? I remember, before installing Fixpack the Cowled Wizards(the group which appears when you cast unlicensed magic) were fighting against each other, when left to their own devices, and after Fixpack was installed, they (hopefully) stopped entirely.

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The issue with the Cowled Wizards was different; their AI scripts were just horribly broken (I think the intent may have been to make them act against hostile creatures like other guards when they were neutral, but they're never neutral, so they just end up shooting each other).


The issue here is just another "don't use GPShout (or bastards thereof) on allies (or any other GOODCUTOFF creatures)." Just reload or CTRL-Y all the freaks.

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Yep - different problem. I ran NI over the save area, and couldn't come up with a good solution to the savegame, so I will just start again from before Trademeet.


I did come up with trgrd03 using SHOUT, TRGRD03.BCS, WTARGST.BCS; trgrd02 uses TRBATTLE.BCS which just creates the animals once via LOCALS, then drops to MAGE8A.BCS; it is an interesting way of doing stuff. I think modern modding methods actually are more robust, with specified class, tighter scripting, etc., but then again we have had years of good folks error correcting the original to learn from, and lots more engineering time to deal with things and test them.


Regardless of the assignments, they all have something like


No matter what, if they accidentally hit eachother, the shout grabs everyone and turns them Enemy(). Quite a strange sight.

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