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Branwen stone cold dead

Guest Izuli

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Guest Izuli

I just wandered out of the Nashkel mines and decided to pick up Branwen before giving Tranzig a visit. So off I trotted to the carnival, and while I didn't recall exactly where she was, I figured she should be somewhere near Zeke (who sells the scroll). I found Zeke, got the scroll... And couldn't see Branwen anywhere. Upon closer inspection I saw a suspiciously grey looking body on the path by a tree, a little to the north-east of Zeke. I'm guessing this is Branwen, stone and dead for some reason.


I thought maybe she didn't like being left all stoned while I was skipping about in the mines (and decided to just, you know, die out of spite), but after reloading she was still stoned and dead.


Now the only way I can think to solve this is to use a cheat code to summon her... But I've absolutely no clue as to which one I should use and what would summon her (stoned or not, the being dead is the thing I have a problem with as I can't fix it).


In other words, uhh... Help?

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Guest Izuli
Her statue should have a blue circle around it, no?


You would use the scroll on her statue.


That's the thing, as she is currently stone and dead she does not have a circle, I therefore cannot use the scroll on her.

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OK, now we have a mystery. What would make an ingame NPC be 0 hp and 0 max hp?


I have the following code (no changes since forever):

	COPY_EXISTING ~_branwe.cre~  ~override~
			  ~_branwe5.cre~ ~override~
  WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~_BRANWE~ #8 // override script

and on the BGT side,

	COPY_EXISTING ~branwe.cre~  ~override~
			 ~branwe5.cre~ ~override~
  WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~BGBRANW~ #8 // override script


I bet if you summon _BRANWE.cre, she shows up dead... because the override version will have 0 hp and max 0 hp.


You are running with a strictly BG1 NPC install?

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Guest Izuli

If by strictly you mean just BG1 NPC, then yes, as far as I know.


Hmm, since you mentioned her hp I opened my save game in Shadow Keeper and took a look at the out of party characters. It shows her as having -2 hp, if I bump it up then it drops to 0.

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Kulyok had this problem, and we (I) thought L1NPCs was to blame, as BG1 NPC does not change or modify hitpoints or

In SK, see if the SPRITEISDEAD variable is set for her, and what her Max HP is. Try editing a prior save (before entering her area with the SPRITEISDEAD removed, and her ingame .cre set with reasonable HP and MAX HP, and see if that helps. In the meantime, I need to go find a devSin, a CamDawg, a Nythrun, a the bigg, a Grim Squeaker, a pro5, an igi, and an Ascension64 and have any or all of these active Gurus check on what that might be.

  • I have ruled out the area patching, as frankly EasyTutu doesn't need it, so all of the areas are protected from changes by BUT_ONLY
  • I have not been able to replicate it on my install - but it happened to Kulok, and she is an experienced modder, so don't worry, you are by no means alone!
  • Branwen is not in a Cloakwood area, so CamDawg's code (which works awesomely) is not messing with her;
  • EasyTutu vanilla has the correct .cres (and when I throw BG1 NPC on everything, it shows all non-joined npcs with correct HP on my install).
  • I have searched for other materials that change the .cre, and the only thing I can find is walking speeds and the blanket patching for BGT; and that only runs on BGT installs.

Could you please send me the savegame at comcast dot net, so I can compare it with Kulyoks', and see wht is happening? A copy of your WeiDU.log and your SETUP_BG1NPC.DEBUG would be extremely appreciated!

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Guest Izuli

I checked SK, and didn't see anything with SPRITEISDEAD that related to Branwen, and her max hp is set to 15. Curiously, I looked at her State Flags and it has all of the following selected: Cd State NotValid, Acid Death, Beserk, Confused, Dead, Exploding Death, Feebleminded, Flame Death, Frozen Death, Helpless, Panic, Silenced, Sleeping, Stone Death (which is the only one that I'm guessing should be selected), and Stunned.


I also randomly started a new game and sped through to the carnival. Although in SK it showed her as having -2 hp, she was actually standing there this time and when I checked, she only had the state flags Cd State NotValid, and Stone Death selected.


And I am guessing that the address I send the save game and two files to would be your forum username at comcast dot net?

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Nope. He uses svowles at comcast dot net.


Sorry, cmorgan, for preempting your right to post your own email addy, but it's going to be hours before you can hit the forums, and it looks like our guest is awake already.

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Got the files, and passed both yours and Kulyok's on to Nythrun, and we definitely have a mystery on our hands. I will track this. The Branwen who stands there with only Stone Death and CD_STATE_NOTVALID set should be working fine. Nythrun reports that in both cases, the state flags on the .cres are messed up, but that neither install uses any mods that mess with the state flags...


sort of one of those "locked room" mysteries.

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Guest Terminater5

I see the following in BG1NPC.tp2:




Is it a problem to set Branwen's state to CD_STATE_NOTVALID if she's already in STATE_STONE_DEATH state? Am I even reading this correctly?

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What this line of code does is define a new state to check, invented by CamDawg. It doesn't apply the state to a creature, it is a flag that determines if any one of a number of states is invalid. It allows us to do this:


== ~_BMINSC~ IF ~InParty("minsc") InMyArea("minsc") !StateCheck("minsc",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @1


instead of this:


== ~_BMINSC~ IF ~InParty("minsc")


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Did this problem ever get resolved? I've encountered the exact same bug in my game I just started. Whenever particular party members die and are resurrected, they come back with a whole lot of state flags that shouldn't be there. So far it's happened to Montaron and Tiax, but not to Imoen.

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