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(BG2 Tweaks) Request: further Weapon Animations tweak


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Even after all this time I'm still amused when Jaheira tries to *poke* someone with a club.


I'd like to request that the Weapon Animation Tweaks component goes a little further and sets all clubs to employ no "thrust" animations, and whatever split of swing animations seems appropriate.




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I've added it to Tweaks for v5, but it looks like it might be an issue for the Fixpack as well. All clubs (and maces and morning stars, for that matter) use a mix of 50% overhead, 50% backhand, and 0% thrust attack animations. The three exceptions are the bogstandard club and generic club +3, which use a 34/33/33 mix, and Kiel's Morningstar (unused in BG2) which uses 60/40/0.

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