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Ah thank you both of you! Okay I guess I can give Ajantis a little loving since he won't just dump her. Thanks so much!

Oh and I must have read about the SOA part here somewhere and forgot. Sorry!

Yes berelinde I adore Gavin and he is the sweetest man. He is also so cute and funny when he is in love and drunk. Nice touches by the way!

I have done one Xan path for BG2 and liked it but am still at the beginning of TOB. He is also so well done. You mod makers are really something special and I can't believe all the work you do. It is just amazing.

I will wait and see how Ajantis comes along. I can't wait to see how he is introduced in SOA. It should really be a shock for the pc. : )

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Guest Guest_close2myheart_*

Hi y'all ??? ,


I'm kinda new here and I just wanted to say how I enjoy playing the mod very much :beer: . I'm currently running the game for the 2nd time and romancing the paladin (again) :beer: (Yes, I liked him very much :()


Realy loved the interjection between him and Dynaheir about a little of 'Rashemen lore' (makes my heart goes 'awww...' :) ) and of course the conversation with Minsc made me laugh :beer:

Very well done.


So! When will he be in SOA/TOB ?


I'm really really curious on how the story goes... :bday: And how will Keldorn and the rest of the Order react to <CHARNAME>? I hope they will be nice to her :beer: She is a good person after all :beer:



(must.be.patient.) ;)

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