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Drizzt Saga/Dynaheir Question


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Does the start of the Drizzt gnoll/Dynaheir book Quest have a chapter check?


Below is a quote from the Drizzt Saga forum. I don't know if a fix is really needed, but it should be known to the players.


I got the reason for the BG1NPC/Drizzt mod conflict worked out!!!!!


When you first talk to Drizzt if you have Branwen the BG1NPC mod dialogue and plot line work, without Branwen in your party Drizzt joins your party and the Drizzt Saga mod starts! This is a minor conflect between these mods.


So, for now, if you want to play the Dynaheir quest of BG1NPC make sure that you have Branwen in your party the first time you see Drizzt and if later you want to play the Drizzt Saga you will need CTRL+Q Drizzt into your party.

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