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Just wondering...

Guest Callie

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Guest Callie

... if anyone is planing to develop mods (romantic or friendships) for Edwin and Eldoth in BG1?


I just finished a game with Skie and Eldoth in the party, and I have to say... geting to know Eldoth better would have been fun, not to mention challenging. He is a slime-ball that needs to be squashed, I know, but he is an *interesting* slime-ball. Anyone thinking about tackling him?


And Edwin's friendship talks really left me craving for more. I know that there is a romance for him in BG2 (I've played it) but from what I've seen here, this has, or, better said, would have had a more realistic feel to it.


So, anyone?



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As far as the project goes, I have been a little... activist? perhaps pushing too hard? to have all of the originally planned content from The BG1 NPC Project folks over the years implemented, and being pretty liberal in my interpretation of what "fixes that support project code" means.


Which is a fancy way of saying everyone on the team has been pushing hard to help finish off *existing* code.


The only remaining content (mostly coded but not fleshed out with .cres, .itm, etc) are a short quest for Tiax and a slightly longer quest for Faldorn.


That leaves some cool things open to other modders, who might want to step in and have some fun (none of these will be added at any time to The BG1 NPC Project, as our "new content" is writing up code that has ben sitting on the books for a looooong time - no more added content is planned).


Ideas for "filling in the gaps"

  • Eldoth. Romance track, side quest, perhaps a non-Skie-oriented something.
  • Kagain. Romance track (come on - *no* Dwarven romances in BG1 comntent?? OK, I admit I am a slave to silly female elves and the idiots they flirt with, but this is a *huge* area that is only now being developed, and there only in Domi's IWD II stuff. From a race that lives practically forever, and has a unique ad interesting storytelling style?
  • Edwin content is considerable, but there is always more that can be done for a character that evokes such strong reactions.
  • Safana. The only NPC that actively flirts with everything that is male, and there is no romance. This one is on my list of "hmmmm...." The possibilities are endless. The female equivalent of Coran, with the ability to drive you insane with lust, leave you hanging, and at the same time having you eat out of her hand? The ultimate Femme Fatal, and... nothing.
    I have this on my list of "if we can ever get this project out the door completed then perhaps I need to start thinking about writing a dudes-worst-nightmare-but-complete-daydream-Safana romance". The problem will be that it would have to be pretty stereotypical, and frankly, I can't see a romance progressing with her without there being a decidedly adult tone. "Good Boys and the Women Who Manipulate Them, rated R to X " :) [i am afraid that in my old age I may be reverting to a 14 year old male...]
  • Imoen. Not the romance - I am not interested in my kid sister participating in Ancient Egyption or Greek Godhood Rites, but there is always room for more of her. She had a beautiful quest written up, and Domi has given permission for others to try their hand at it, but it is much more involved coding and it has been placed on the permnent inactive-reserve list. If someone wanted to tackle a really cool quest that would push your coding skills to the maximum, there would be the one. After over a year of living with every moment of free time dedicated to this setting, I am *not* the one to attempt it; Safana is a new take for me, ads I have never tried to write a romance, but Imoen I have lived with just a little too long to do her justice. I would end up parroting, and the mod's quaity would suffer.
  • Alora. Happy happy joy joy is an interesting character and has good content, but by weight of lines she is the least fleshed out of all characters in the project. The difficulty is that her old placement meant that the game was over half done by the time you found her, so there was no point in going wild with her. Now that you can pick her up in Gullykin, things have changed, and she could have good things added.

I am sure there is more, but I thought your point is well taken. The opportunities to add to the BG1 story are still wide open. The BG1 NPC Project is not expanding any more of these characters, but there are plenty of storytelling opportunities left to expand on :D

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I was trying to convince Merja to write Edwin romance and quest for long time, but in the end it was not to be. One of the problems was that Merja's and Laufey's views on Edwin *are* different, and Merja did not want BG1 material to comply with Laufey's detailed backstory - as Merja had her own, obviously. :)


On Edwin I'm more mournful about that never written quest, than the romance tbh, it was supposed to deal with some serious Thay political intrigue....


With Eldoth, Hendryk given the permission to develop a romance, Doro wanted to write it, but it was never done, so it's not in.


As for other couple characters, I hereby acknowledge that my Safana's Romance gradually turned into Salomeya's Romance. :D

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