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Pickpocketing always ends the invisibility state


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Apparently, in the BG2 version of the IE, even a successful pickpocket attempt will end both stealth and magical invisibility. I've tested this problem thoroughly as one of my mod components includes a situation where a neutral (blue circle) character holds a key item while being guarded by several hostile (red circle) characters. My intention was to allow stealthy and invisible players to pickpocket the item off the neutral character without alerting his guards. Unfortunately, this seems nearly impossible to do as the PC who does the pickpocketing immediately becomes visible after the attempt, no matter whether he succeeded or failed at pickpocketing his target.


The problem can be bypassed by immediately pausing the game after becoming visible and drinking a Potion of Invisibility or by using the Mislead spell on the character who does the pickpocketing beforehand (because Mislead constantly renews the invisibility effect) but these are both somewhat hacky solutions. Any ideas how to circumvent this issue in a more feasable fashion?

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Well, so far I've managed to make things work as intended with the improved invisibility effect by placing this block at the beginning of the hostile characters' scripts:



!Dead("arnwar06") // Haz
HasItem("KEY12",NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) // Key to Aran's Lair


I guess I'll consider Nythrun suggestion as well, although both of our solutions still feel kind of hacky. :)

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It's more in line with BioWare's method -- everything always checks !StateCheck(invis) *and* !StateCheck(impinvis), so you can get away with anything in the game by just casting Improved Invisibility (even though the invisibility breaks when you do naughty stuff, the impinvis check keeps anybody from ever caring).


I think it's the closest you'll get without

wretched kludge
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