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With version 3 of fixpack, I got a CTD on two occasions.

1st from Bassilus buffing up that was alleviated by removing ApplySpell(Myself,CLERIC_PROTECTION_FROM_FIRE) from the Bassil.dlg file.

2nd alleviated by removing ForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_PROTECTION_FROM_FIRE) from DSSHAR.bcs

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Check your spell.ids and make sure CLERIC_PROTECTION_FROM_FIRE is listed as 1306.


If it is, grep the backup folders of your other mods (or just the BG2 directory) and see if any of them are modifying sppr306.spl.


It's listed as 1306 in spell.ids


The only backup listing in my BGII-SoA directory is bg2fixpack/backup/3

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...grep the backup folders of your other mods (or just the BG2 directory) and see if any of them are modifying sppr306.spl.
Despite not using Unix or Linux, I was able to "grep" both my folders and all TP2s from a MegaInstall. {However, not using g3fixpack in this install}



\NeJ2\NEJ-BIFF\override -- most likely biffed but not modified

\AshesofEmbers\P8ClericKits\ClericSpells -- kit component, not used


No backups due to modification.



Divine Remix...

COPY_EXISTING ~sppr306.spl~ ~override~ // protection from fire




several hits, check 'em yourselves

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I can check to see if it's actually the spell that's causing problems, if you like (extract it with NI and send to my all-lowercase screen name courtesy of yahoo daught kawm).


It's fairly difficult for a spell to cause crashes though, especially in windows BG2, so it's not impossible the CTD is stemming from the dialogue file or something else.

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Runs fine on my install when called via APPLY_SPELL; don't see any errors in the code.


You're running BGT SCS, mayhap?


Yes. Does that effect it? I didn't see anything in it's .tp2


SCSBGT does nothing with sppr306.spl. Try to copy the backup from your fixpack folder to the override and see if you get the CTD still.

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Nobody is saying it did.


On the other hand, Fixpack does nothing to Bassilus's dialogue either, and it's very difficult to troubleshoot multiple-mod installs without a WeiDU log, or the file in question, or even knowing what "overwrite everything" mods might be installed.

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I agree, I would have to do a new install cause I just stupidly over wrote the file to see if I could fix it. Erebusant would have to send you his file. Here is the original thread in case your interested.




I am not trying to argue with you so dont take me wrong, I just dont know how to fix it in SCSBGt cause I dont see anything wrong.

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