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How do I use GemRB on Mac OS X with Intel?

Guest Petter Vitestam

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Guest Petter Vitestam

Hello I was scanning the web for something like this. But I am not a programmer or a developer or anything so when I read your posts I dont understand anything!


I have gotten Baldurs Gate 1 for Mac but I don''t have classic, and my friend has PlaneScape torment and I really want to play it, but I dont have BootCamp.


I understand that this application will solve my problems?


But what I don't understand is how to use it. What do I need to download and where? Please I am not a developer so don't take it to fast (I'm only 16!).


Any help would be appriciated.

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There is no easy to install way for the Mac.

Even if there would be one (a mac user has to compile and send me the binaries back), the game wouldn't work 100%.

It is still under development.

But once it is done, and a Mac user compiled a runnable version from my sources you will be able to play any game you got the game data for.

So, if you got a PC planescape CD (cds), you will be able to play planescape on the Mac.

Again, right now, it is not complete and it isn't simple to install, especially on the Mac.

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On the other hand, a 16 years old user probably can start learning how to compile and run programs.

It worths learning this, especially by compiling a game.

It will be very useful later in your life.

I first learned programming by making cheats/cracks for games on c64 :)

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OK so you can't like guide me through it or anything?


And if I were to learn this, where and how would I do that?


Well, i work only on Linux and Windows, never had a Mac.

Hopefully, someone with more Mac experience will help out.


Don't you have a friend who ever compiled a program on a Mac?


I can help only with the following:

You'll need to download the developer version of OpenAl (for Mac) and SDL.

Also you'll need Python (any version above 2.3)


Openal is on openal.org

sdl is on libsdl.org

python is on python.org

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Guest Guest

OK I downloaded those programs or whatever they were but now I have absolutely no idea what to do.


Thank you Avenger for your help so far. But since it's Mac I understand if you can go no further. Perhaphs someone else can?


Please I have heard so much about Planescape Torment and I can't wait to play it.

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Err, i have to cool you a bit down.

The game is NOT fully playable yet.

Even if it would compile on the Mac (which only succeed for a few people), spellcasting wouldn't work completely.

Ranged weapons don't work at all (Nordom's crossbows).

A lot of special effects don't work at all, and i have yet to figure out how to implement them (like Morte's skull mob).


The quality doesn't even reach the quality of crpgs they release nowadays :)


Anyway, your next step is to acquire the GNU make tools.


google keywords: gnu make tools mac


Read on the article: The GNU Compiler Collection on Mac OS X

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Guest Petter Vitestam

Oh OK it is still in the making. I thought it was fully playable. Then I guess that I'll take it a little more easy, I thought this trouble was just about installing in but now I understand that its more than that.


Maybe I should just wait until everything works and then play PlaneScape Torment like it was ment to be?


I hope that you get it to work and thanks alot for spending time on something like this.

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Guest Petter Vitestam

Harr.. Anyway thanks again for doing this and I really hope that you will be able to fix it.


Best of luck.

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Guest l3mr

Actually, OpenAL is already available on every mac, in




to get GCC and all other stuff required to build gemrb, just download

the latest XCode from the apple site - developer.apple.com


Python is available from either pythonmac.org or using macports.org.

I'd recommend the macports way, since macports includes a whole

array of cool other software installable on demand. To get python in macports,

just type


sudo port install python25


SDL is also available from macports.


Hope that helps...

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Guest Guest
Hope that helps...


I appriciate the gesture but no. Since I still have no idea what to do with them!


I guess I'll just wait until it is usable by simple men like myself.


Thanks anyway.

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I acquired an Intel Mac last fall, and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to compile either x86 or universal binaries (whatever is possible) for other to use. I don't have the PST discs at hand before the 12th of July though. Therefore I'm not sure if I can test anything.


I'll post in this thread if I progress significantly.


- rafael

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