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Casting Mass Invisibility from a scroll crashes the game

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I've been doing some testing with various spells which grant the improved invisibility effect recently and I've stumbled upon this odd bug. Apparently, the Beta Core fixes component of the BG2 fixpack is the culprit, as it alters the Mass Invisibility spell (SPWI721.SPL) which, in term, somehow seems to crash the game whenever it's cast from the respective scroll (SCRL8W.ITM) or another item which does the same thing. OTOH, casting the spell from memory (i.e. by a Mage or a Sorcerer) seems to work fine. Anyway, I've come to believe that this issue is indeed caused by the BETA Core fixes component as I've done a clean install of BG2+ToB+latest patch, with the fixpack as the only mod installed afterwards, and was able to repeatedly reproduce the bug.

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There's definately an error in the Beta fixes component for patching spell power levels.


Either Beta core fixes can be uninstalled, or Lines 27,138 through 27,175 can be commented out, or line 27,127 amended to read

WRITE_BYTE ("%fx_off%" + 0x03 + (0x30 * ("%index%" + "%abil_fx_idx%"))) "%level%"


I've not gotten this to crash yet, but it seems the only possibility.

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