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The Wonderful Lies!


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I've just finished the "lies of Locke Lamora" - after the book finally showed up in the library more than a year after realease - and what a great book! I couldn't put it down for the three days it took me to get through 500 pages of adventures and schemes and all that. An absolute fun. Okay, when you think of it it has its cliches and its mary-sueish moments, but gods be good, it's FUN! If you ever wanted a well-done book about a master-theif in a big city, and don't mind a LOT of vulgar but absolutely hilareous language, give it a try! And wow, the second installment is coming this June. YAY! Well, in June in Europe, I suppose, but anyway, soon!!!

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I couldn't help but seeing Glocca Morra when I read that...heh...Finian's Rainbow. It's been awhile.


That was a bit OT so to make up the balance I'll mention that I just finished reading Glen Cook's The Black Company. It's not what I thought it would be but it was quite different being all in the first person and it was good that these guys weren't the good guys. Worth a read anyway. Moving on to 2 and 3 in the series now, hopefully things can only get better.

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