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Possibly the most stupid question about this mod


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Hi TheAcefes! I'm new here but I've been lurking for some time. I always had one doubt about your mod and never really bother to look if someone else asked it or decided to ask it myself, well not until I have read that the ToB portion of the mod is almost ready.


So my "possibly the most stupid question" is this: can you play this mod without taking Nalia along? It's not that I hate Nalia or something but I would like to play it and have a good figther in my party without having Nalia in it. I'm not asking if I can romance Auren or something, I know I can't nor I want, I just want to have another friend. So what's your answer? (or someone else's answer if they know it).


What I'm asking for is another party member with banter, a quest, interjections... does Auren add it without the Nalia romance part? or is she just a silent Npc without Nalia?


Ah, and if the asnwer is "No, sorry, you will have to stick with Nalia", I don't really care, I will do it, it's simply that I will have to throw another party member for her.


Thanks in advance, bye! (and good luck with the bug-squashing thing!!!)

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