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IWD2 Animations


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I'd like to associate


0x6214 MAGE_FEMALE_GNOME animation header from Animation.ids in IWD2 with a different sets of BAMs (not so conspicously Male).


Well, in BG2 that connection was handled by ANISND.IDS


Guess what? It's not in IWD2 :)


I found ANIMATE.SRC that seems to be doing the same, and changed the header there. Except putting the altered SRC file into the Override did not change the animation on the female gnomes in the game.


Are SRC files untouchable and I am dealing with one of the wonderful hard-coded issues?

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The same problem exists in BG1/BG2. Mage_female_gnome = mage_female_dwarf = mage_male_dwarf :). They all point to animations in the CDMW range. Apparently, there are no specific female dwarf animations either.


According to Races of Faerun, female gnomes do not have beards (and even the males usually only have "neatly trimmed" beards if they have beards at all). For that matter, only "very few" female dwarves have beards (and no arctic dwarf women, which is probably the prevalent type in IWD).


I fixed this in the next version of my "Gnomes" mini-mod by reassigning all mage_female_gnome animations to thief_female_gnome (CIFT animations) at the CRE level. Of course, that doesn't help PC female gnomes much, but maybe that could be scripted or something.

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