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Playing with thief useability flags...


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The Swashbuckler kit does not backstab, and Assassin and Bounty Hunter are limited in their skill points. These appear to be defined by their usability flags, rather than anything in the CLAB.


So, when trying to make a kit with no backstab and only 15 points per level, I added the Assassin and Swashbuckler values.


This didn't seem to work, though, giving both 1x backstab modifier per level and 25 skill points... :suspect:


Does anyone have any ideas into how I could use both restrictions for a kit, or alternatively have people played around and looked at the effects of various combinations?

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Ah, thanks. :suspect:


For future reference to anyone who's interested, Idobek suggested on chat to use Assassin values for the 15 skill points, and then the use of a spell in the CLAB each level setting the Backstab modifier to x1.

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