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Alternate Portraits

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Just wanted to set up place for me to put these as I go, without spaming the 'Done, Doing...' topic. Hope you like them Domi, tell me if you want things about them changed.


1. untitled2hm8.jpg 2. nordvc7.jpg 3. salomeya4bx8.jpg

4. prachi2mw5.jpg 5. rizda3lfj7.png 6. hilduryzk3.jpg

7. peony2gy1.jpg 8. nikoshvq5.jpg 9. dirieltw4.jpg

10. valeeroeg1.jpg


1.Jaemal, who apparently, stole Xan's robes at some point and grew his hair out.


2.Nord. I wanted him to look pretty much like a working fighter, so no shining armor. Kind of tarnished, kind of rough looking, tried to give decidely non-aristocratic look.


3.Salomeya. I wanted to get sexy without fantasy bikini babe. Lots of fur, probably from something very cute and fluffy since she's evil. Hooded cloak with heavy sort of fabrics and embrodiery, and a little skin.


4. Prachi. Wearing fur from a totally not cute and fluffy animal that died of natural causes.


5. Rizdaer. Already loving this character. Domi, how on earth do you expect us to choose between Jaemal and Rizdaer? The backstories! The angst! The 'ae' dipthongs! I just can't choose.


6. Hildury.


7. Peony. Hey, smiling! I tried to convey her gnome-ness by putting her farther down in the frame and scaling her down a bit. She's a bit lighter then most of the others, 'cause I couldn't really find a reason for a character like this to be lurking moodily in shadows.


8. Nikosh


9.. Diriel.


10. Valeero.


No next up. Woot! Any old way, I've been glad to do them and I can't wait for the alpha. Maybe I'll finally get to know what happens after the monastery bit.

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There is no limit to the amount I love these portraits!!!


Good gods, all three are absolutely perfect. If I get a chance to do any playing in the near future, you may well believe that I'll be harvesting and resizing them pronto, for my own personal use.


All three are flat-out superb.

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Thanks so much everyone! I'm glad you like them.


Perhaps we can dare look forward to seeing more of your work, MrsCake?...


Well, more of these certainly, I'll be updating the first post as I go until I, hopefully, finish the series.

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Heh, every time I pick my favorite you seem to come up with a better portrait. :) Hildury is perfect!


The only thing that's off is Rizdaer's face. It looks too human, and a bit dead, but I know it's a tall order to get him right. If you decide to re-edit him though, maybe you will be able to do it after finishing the other four? Just so it does not become a stumbling block :)


Domi, how on earth do you expect us to choose between Jaemal and Rizdaer?


With difficulty? Well, actually, my wet dream is that people play both at some point, though my guess is that Rizdaer will be the first run-through romance for most players. :)

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