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GemRB in Turn Based - would it be possible?


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Not without a lot of work. You would not only have to find all the combat code, rip it out, and replace it with something else, but you would want to change other assumptions about the flow of time in the game and how scripts run during a combat turn. Infinity basically assumes that time is always flowing forward and, with a few exceptions, any valid script can run at any time. Whereas a true turn-based approach assumes that time is only flowing for one person at any given moment, (AoO/Readied actions/etc. aside), so presumably only the active creature's script should be considered, etc. Maybe GemRB has abstractions that would make this easier to handle, but its model, Infinity, certainly wasn't designed to think that way.


You would also need to make sure that your new flow of time was properly honored by things like spell/effect durations.


Bottom line: You might be confusing GemRB with FIFE.

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It could have something like pause at end of action in combat, but that isn't in the original IE. (it is in toee, fallout, fife).

Right now, we aim only at end of round in combat (like you have in the IE).

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