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Missing file / Compression format

Guest Leslie

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Guest Leslie

Two questions in one.


GemRB started up fine, but gave me this after having finished my character:


[KEYImporter]: Searching for ar0602.wed...[ERROR]
Cannot find /media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data/AREA060A.cbf
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
 what():  vector::_M_range_check
zsh: abort	  ~/bin/gemrb/bin/gemrb


How can this be? Everything else seems to be in place.



Second question: how can I check whether that file is there?


The problem:


[sky@wintermute ~]% cabextract -l /media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab
/media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab: WARNING; found InstallShield header. This is probably an InstallShield file. Use UNSHIELD (http://synce.sf.net) to unpack it.
/media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab: no valid cabinets found

[sky@wintermute ~]% unshield c /media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab
Failed to open /media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab as an InstallShield Cabinet File

[sky@wintermute ~]% file /media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab
/media/usbwin/bg2/CD2/data3.cab: InstallShield CAB



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Guest Leslie

Never mind, bogus CD paths.


It would be nice to know why both cabextract and unshield fail to extract the Cabinets in any case.

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