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Installing the game twice.

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I have two Baldurs Gate II: TOB installed here, one with the mods and the other clean, but when i try to open the game, only the version with the mods works.



How can i open the clean version, since everytime i try, i got the mods version opened even if i try to open from baldur.exe on the directory of the clean version?!


Can anyone help me, please?


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Maybe this will help?



I tried to use that, but i don't know how to do it. I have the Java Environment, but still dont know how to do it. I dont know what file should i open and how, since there is no file exe or bat.


And i dont care if the installation is on minimal size or full size.


Actually i could not install Throne of Bhaal twice, because always when i tried to enter the setup, the option was to uninstall. So, i dont know how, a friend of mine deleted the folder wich, i guess, had the informations of the Throne of Bhaal setup. Well, ok, we installed the game ok, and then, i begun to install the mods on another directory.


After that, i tried to play, but no matter what game i open, on the main directory or on the clone directory, it always open the version full of mods.

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