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Hendak refers to any PC as <CHARNAME>

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I noticed a small oversight in Hendak's script.


On line 17 (Range([PC],8), Hendak checks for any PC within range. On Line 22 (Startdialognoset([PC])), Hendak begins dialog. However, Hendak's opening dialogue refers to the speaker as <CHARNAME>.


In my runthrough, this resulted in Minsc started the conversation (he has the gabber icon) and him being called <CHARNAME>.


Since Hendak is using Startdialognoset() anyway (which ignores distance), wouldn't it make sense to replace [PC] with Protagonist? I don't like the possibility of talking to a PC across the map, but I'd worry that changing Range([PC],8) to Range(Protagonist,8) might make some players miss Hendak's opening dialog.


Otherwise, <CHARNAME> could be replaced with the speaker's name. I'm not a fan of this, because another character might give a much different answer than the Protagonist.


He has a few more references to <CHARNAME>, I'll watch closely when I finish the slaver quests to see if his script has any more issues.


Please excuse any errors, I'm rather new to modding.



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While the scripts that initiate dialogue and the manner the player(CHARNAME/GABBER) is addressed are rather inconsistent throughout the game, I do not think bringing it to standard(whether on one occasion or on many) qualifies as a core Fixpack component. This is only my opinion, though.

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What disturbs me the most is Anomen's greeting dialog: If a male NPC approaches him first, he will "recognise" the PC as male. No "my fair lady..." :)


Last time he didn't refrain from flirting with Jaheira, either. :)

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On the other hand, Anomen may not be aware who the leader is.
True for all NPCs I guess, but I always assume that the PC solves this riddle quite quickly by stepping foreward. So after line 2 the dialogue should address the true PC's gender, imho. But as you said, it's thoughout the whole game, and I am not going to propose fixes/tweaks for that.
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