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Ogre-Mage Assassins Not Appearing

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Guest Guest_Strontium Dog_*

Hello again(!),


I've missed yet another assassin group, apart from the other 2 assassin groups(Gullykin and Nashkel Mines exit). I'm referring to the Orge-Mage assassins who are supposed to attack you when you enter a large house in the Baldur's Gate Harbor(Southern) District. What's the event-code command that would activate them?




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They have been moved elsewhere, I think you will find it impossible to miss them :(


Judging from past occasional bugs with other mods etc., I have my doubts. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to give exact details, but could you give a rough idea where I might expect them? Such as if they're somewhere in Baldur's Gate town if I look hard enough, or if they only appear a certain number of days after the start of a specific chapter? That way I can be sure that I haven't missed them out - otherwise, if they really are missing, I'll have to do an impromptu event-code-style "summoning" of those same Ogre-Mages just before the final fight with Sarevok, or something.




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