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Global warming brings vampire moths to Finland


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Is this for real? Sounds like something on the sci-fi channel late at night...

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Global warming is bringing more warmer-climate creatures to Finland, including moths that feast on human blood, according to nature researchers.


Insect-watchers are spotting more and more calpe moths in the Nordic country, which used to be considered too cold for the insects from southeast Asia, Finnish nature magazine "Suomen Luonto" reported in its June edition.


The journal published what it said were the first pictures showing the moths - calyptra thalictri - sucking human blood.


The species was first sighted in Finland in 2000, but more than 100 of them have been counted since then, the journal said.

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Guest Verin

It actually is true. It is not a mosquito, but resembles them quite a bit.

It has just been found out, that they drink blood, before they were just thought to drink tears.

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I would not be suprised at all about it. Here in Eskilstuna where I live, we have had 6 days in a raw with the Max temperature being from 30 to 31 degrees Celtius and the Min never under 14. I guess it's a fact that in the latest years we have had an escalation of the global temperatures around the world. And I don't like it at all...(ever wondered why I'd flee from Italy, among other things? :( )

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