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Improved Invisibility prevents Mislead and similar spells

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Currently, the Improved Invisibility spell (SPWI405.SPL) from v3 of the BG2 fixpack is preventing many other spells which grant the improved invisibility effect from being cast on top of it. As I understand it, this was done in order to prevent the stacking of the saving throw bonuses. However, as a consequence the player is now unable to use some very useful spells such as Mislead, Shadow Door, Mass Invisibility...etc until the Improved Invisibility spell wears off.


IMO, a much better approach would be to split the Improved Invisibility spell into two parts - part one would handle the regular improved invisibility effect while part two would handle only the saving throw bonuses. That way, you could still prevent the saving throw bonus stacking by making the caster immune to the second part of the spell while still allowing him to cast any other spell which grants invisibility effect without hindrance. Naturally, if this is to be successful, every other spell which confers the Improved Invisibility effect (and was already changed by the fixpack) would have to be adjusted to do the same thing as well.

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There's been a fair amount of discussion here, the short of it being that there isn't a perfectly bug free solution.


An interesting read, and I understand your dilemma. Personally, I'm still most inclined to the "two separate spells" approach, but I'd much rather see the saving throw bonuses removed entirely than having a bunch of different, legitimately cast spells preventing each other from working entirely.

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