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A non-joinable NPC appearing in SoA and ToB


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I feel like I should really know the answer to this, but I don't, so I'm going to risk looking stupid, and ask it anyway.


I would like to have a non-joinable NPC appear for a single encounter in SoA, interact with the PC, then leave using EscapeArea(). I would like the same NPC to appear for another single encounter in ToB, interact with the PC, then move to a position elsewhere in ToB where the only interaction he would have with the PC would be to say hello if poked.


I know how to do this for party joinables, but I'm not sure about non-party joinables.


I'd like to just spawn the same CRE in both places and assign him only one script, and one dialogue file. Can I get away with this, or am I going to have to assign a second 25 set?


Heh. Just had a thought. Maybe I should check Viekang, since I believe he appears as a party non-joinable in both SoA and ToB.

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Two CRE's doesn't sound like a bad idea, since the second one will have marginally more XP than the first. As for the D's and the BAF's, there really isn't any reason I couldn't have 2 sets, then, one for each CRE. At least I'm setting globals :(

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You can do it all with one. The only stickiness is that you might want to track if the player ever even encountered the character in SoA (and if they did encounter it and killed it).


In this case, it doesn't really matter if you choose 2 sets of data, or 2 CREs with the same scripts and dialogue, or just one universal version. No real difference.

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Gotcha. Thanks for that. Will do 1 CRE, 1 D, 1 script.


I guess if you're creating the CRE, the dialogue files and script are along for the ride, as long as they're associated with the CRE. It isn't like a party-joinable, where it's all controlled by 2da.


Don't know why I insist on making things harder for myself, at every opportunity, but there you have it.

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