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Portraits for Corrupted NPCs


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Just a thought - if anyone has an inclination to make a portrait edit for a corrupted NPC version, that would be nice...


-disheveled booless Minsc with a wild gaze

- tight-lipped haughty Keldorn.

- squinting and smiling unkindly and mockingly Imoen

- pursed-lipped and calculating Nalia


posting them in this thread will be fine. :suspect:

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I know I've seen an "evil" Keldorn (I think I have it on my home computer) and Cliffette used the Boo-less Minsc portrait for UB (though his grin would have to be removed). I wouldn't think the others would be too terribly hard to create...

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Err, for some reason oops I was editing a version of his portrait without a tattoo. But come to think of it, the tattoo is a sign of honour, so maybe he deliberately had it removed?


It's up to you of course, so here's the portrait with the tattoo added back on.


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