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Portraits for Corrupted NPCs


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Thanks for the feedback :( . The look I was aiming for was Imoen with a nastier edge to her, but not necessarily evil incarnate though ( I think the portraits of the original evil NPCs should also be taken into cosideration when making the corrupted portraits, can't do to make the originally evil people look too tame compared to the corrupted ones now can we? Heh, but that's just me)


From the comments so far, it seems I did quite well on that point. Good to know :p

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*Giggles* OMG, you made my day! That's exactly what a person needs (and looks like) after a day of MS-Access!


On the serious note, ease ye hearts, O Nalia fans, Sidhe had graciously done a few renditions and I think she is very close to the MV version of Nalia :)

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Nice rendition of Nalia with her hair back Rabain, but I think her head looks a little too narrow. Just a shade more widening and I think it'd go better with her facial proportions as they are now.

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I agree. Simply marvelous.





Hey, just for a joke, how about someone does a thing of Anomen right before MV kills him, all banged up and about to be hit by the killing blow? All the Anomen-haters would just love that...


then again, I like him... : (


It's your choice.


And, gah! I just had an idea... *runs off to write it down*

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