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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Sir Ajantis NPC mod for BGII

The modification introduces Ajantis, the known BG1 NPC, paladin of the Order of the Radiant Heart into BG2.
With this modification Ajantis can be acquired as a member of the PC's group after the fight in the Windspear Hills (which was not changed by the mod principally). The player must then solve a quest to free Ajantis from Firkraag's ransom.

This mod is compatible with original BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET!

You can get the Sir Ajantis BGII mod here:

Official Download Mirror at the Kerzenburg-Forum

This is also the discussion thread about my Ajantis Portrait Pack.

I changed the topic title. Feel free to use this thread to post comments and bug reports, or follow the link(s) to the forum at Kerzenburgforum.


Since there seems to be some interest in my Ajantis for BGII mod, I post the links to the English threads here. Thank you to all who expressed their interest in this mod, it is highly appreciated!
Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum (German)

Thank you for following the links. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use this thread, or post over at Rosenranken, or PM me, whatever you think fits. :)

There is no release date yet. Work goes slowly due to heavy RL committments. I'll post progress updates approx. once a month.

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Oops, you are right. :cry:

Thank you for the interest, btw!!


Currently I am designing the friendship path, once I have the outline the writing is done rather quickly. It's the "what should happen when" that takes longer for me.


Apart from that work goes slowly due to RL occupancies and a small BG1 mod I want to finish.

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Oh, that's the same person, all right. But you're going to have to play the mod (or check the forum!) to find out more.


ohh i will definitely.


Yes, you kill Ajantis in the windspear hills to kick the mod story off. I hope I succeeded in finding a intriguing solution as to why he is not dead. Firkraag is involved into the quest to retrieve him.


be sure that you do, prehaps you could revive him somehow? or he is teleported away. not sure just rattling off ideas. im sure you have yours.


It would be cool if Ajantis was in the next cell with Garren's child, for example. Then you'll finally be able to rescue someone you care about.




its been far too long, Ajantis was a paladin right? would be nice to have a paladin other than Keldorn, too many mages, fighters and clerics in BGII, not many specialist classes.

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I didn't change the game, only added, so it is Ajantis' dead body the PC sees after the Windspear fight. He won't be in one of the cells, but PC should prepare to save him from capture non the less. I don't want to give more spoilers away. (I know, I'm mean!) :cry:


Ajantis will be available as non-kitted paladin or Cavalier. I hope it makes sense, but I gave him bastard sword and shield weapon proficiencies.

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I hope it makes sense, but I gave him bastard sword and shield weapon proficiencies.


I hope for a flirt with the word-play for a bastard sword for a paladin!!!


Aside: YAY! A bastard sword prof! I *loved* those for years and everyone shies away from them.

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