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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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I'm playing through the Baldur's Gate series for the first time and just finished BG1 earlier this week with your Ajantis expansion installed. I gotta say, you did an excellent job of characterizing an otherwise plain NPC. All of your dialogue branches were admirably extensive and robust, instead of just being the binary good/evil options so many modders fall prey to. By the end of the game, I found myself so attached to the guy that I can't stand the thought of going into BG2 without ever seeing him again - that's a real accomplishment on your part.


Thanks for all your work on BG1 and 2 - you've really made my gaming experience much richer. I hope you finish the ToB component one day, but I'm no stranger to getting burnt out on modding for a while. Take your time, and remember that there are people who appriciate what you do. I look forward to the day when I can take my new paladin buddy all the way to the end of the saga.

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I was wondering, is there another place to download this? I've tried going to the download links, but the site you have it on isn't loading at all. I really wanted to play through it again, but my old install was wiped after I messed up with the files some months back. I'd really appreciate some help. =)

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As the person above me has said, the website is down and to no avail have I found a place to download the mod. Does anyone have a link as to whereas I could download? Or have a download link to it?


Thank you Cirosan for the download link, I couldn't find it anywhere! I can't wait to test it out.

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The site is down for me as well, and it looks like it has been for some time. I've taken the liberty of uploading my copy of the mod to my personal site in the meantime. You can download it here.


jastey, if you have any objections to me uploading your mod elsewhere, let me know and I'll remove it immediately. Otherwise, I'll keep it up indefinitely, since the original site shows no signs of returning any time soon.

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Sorry for my late reply. I have an official mirror here:




It's a German BG (and other games) site.


Thank you, Cirosan, for helping out! I feel honored that you take the interest in uploading. I have only one request: That you take this version down once there will be an update. Nothing is more depressing than bug reports from things that are already officially fixed (not that my mods have bugs, haha.)

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Whew! I'm way late on getting back to you about this, but better late than never, I guess.


Glad to be of some help. As requested, I will take down my mirror immediately once your mod is updated. Since I check these forums very infrequently, though, I'll just PM you my email address. That way, you can drop me a line as soon as you update your mod and I'll know to take the mirror down; otherwise, since I'm not on G3 that often, it might be a while before I see that an update has been posted.


Hopefully this arrangement is acceptable.

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Not really quite sure what's wrong, but something surely is. I had been playing through BG1 with a Baldur's Gate Trilogy install and the Ajantis romance without issue. When I completed it and moved onto BG2, I ran into an issue right away.. After Imoen would first greet me, then attempt to initiate the choice of romance dialogue I assume, no text would show up. Completely blank. I could select choices with numbered keys I Think, but they were also invisible. So no idea what was said or what choices were made.. Baffled, I teleported myself to Windspear hills in another save to see if it was just that one dialogue. Once again, much invisible text and choices.

To see if it was a mod conflict of some kind, I ran the mode on a completely fresh install with no mods or even the Trilogy. New character, no relation to the other save. While the text was no longer invisible.. It was random and without any relation to the mod. Or to each other. One choice being Branwen introducing herself.

Is the current save borked or is it somehow something on my end?

Fixed: Did Another fresh install and this time it fixed the issue. Guess I won't question it.

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There seems to be an issue with your mod mirror for (some of) the Russian players: I'm getting this, personally:




403 Forbidden


The detected reason(s) you were blocked are:

RBN. -> rmatch("corbina.ru")


Which (to me) probably means "your provider is corbina.ru, therefore you are banned". Now, here's a fun thing: Corbina is one of the biggest Web providers in Moscow(16%), it belongs to VimpelCom Ltd., and it's over 100000 computers in St.Peterburg alone. So... the admins probably cutting off, like, five hundred thousand computers in total? Which probably isn't so good, and I believe it's best to lift this ban, because it's really a misunderstanding.

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