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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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I'm on it, but slowly due to a lot of distractions, BG modding and otherwise. Hm, maybe this gives me the motivation to put Sir Gilmore in Ferelden on a hold for a while and take Ajantis through the Bhaal fights... :)


(Very good job there, Immortality, btw. I am not that far into the game with him yet, though, so he still talks about his capture and the fall of the castle.)

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Sorry for not replying before!


Well, thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like Rory! Ha! :D Too bad the toolset is such a HORRID tool, I could have made many more things in the mod, but sadly, a lot of it is a big hack :p


As for our Ajantis... waiting patiently, but sometimes modders need encouragement! hehehe ;)

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It's okay - ten or twelve dialogues, as Kaeloree said, work as a sequential path quite nicely. Then you can easily fit a few more as "area" dialogues - Forest of Mir after a battle with no enemies in sight, for example - pretty scenery and not as crowded as "night after Saradush". Not to mention challenges in the Pocket Plane - I know one or two mods make use of them, but most only use the fifth(I also use the fourth, myself, because Cyric is fun).


And there's always a wonderful place called player-initiated menu. :)


EDIT: And if they're just outlined, two dialogues can probably fit into one in some cases.

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Thank you, too. - I am trying, I am trying! It's not so easy, cutting down his articulation about the Very Special Situation of his wife. I already blended four dialogues, moved two into a simple I_C_T remark, and cancelled one completely while he didn't look (which is not so easy with a paladin of the Vigilant.) Phew! Continuing..

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:))) I'm really looking forward to Ajantis ToB, now. Because a paladin whose author quietly cancels lovetalks while the guy's busy polishing his sword (or battling evil) and isn't looking - well, this paladin is bound to have his revenge, somehow. And HE... WILL... HAVE IT!


Seriously, best of luck. I'm very glad you're continuing with him.

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I'm extremely greedy and I want all 30 LTs. LOL!


Jas, if you need a BETA tester for TOB too, I'll be more than glad to play it.

In fact, I could play the whole BGT again, cos last time I played it was still in BETA and I know you added a couple of very nice dialog options hee hee!

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If you are referring to the thorough feedback and suggestions I am very embarrassed to tell you that it was lost with the offline-going of Rosenrankenforum. Yes, I know it's my fault I didn't make a backup but I didn't think the forum would vanish so. Do you still have your suggestions somewhere (there is hope here you wrote them down before you posted them). I didn't ask you before beause I am not working on the SvA version currently, but that could change when the ToB part is finished.


And thank you for volunteering for testing! I will make a call when it is ready. This will still be a while, though, because I have to play ToB myself because i don't remember much of it.

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Damn, no I don't have them anymore either, but I thought you implemented them. :-/


I remember the need of more different and generic options for CHARNAME to reply in dialogs, because if you write very long sentences and ideas as a reply to what Ajantis is saying, the more you restrict CHARNAME's personality, and in the end it may not fit the character the player has thought out.


Especially, there was one dialog (forgot exactly which, gah!) in which I told you that you should allow CHARNAME to just cry instead of saying anything at all (I think it was about Ajanti's parents' rejection).


But overall, that was the main idea. I don't know if you happen to have your dialogs written in a more comprehensive "tree" kind of way, instead of a full messy .TRA file, cos if you did, and if you're interested, it would be very easy for me to just read them all again and point out such places where a more generic answer would be welcome.

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