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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Hi Jastey, thanks for your quick reply!


I'm not really planning on having a Megamod install - I'm aiming for a 20-mod install approximately (including Fixpack, a couple of quest and NPC mods and some tweak mods). However, I know from experience that it's always dangerous to update a mod mid-game. Oh well, if If I install Ajantis pretty late on the list, I may not have too much trouble. Having a ToB-only release would be helpful in that regard but I'll let you be the judge of how you should release your mod of course!


Not too sure about how to play the whole Firkraag thing, as it was my understanding that the last quest of the Radiant Heart questline sends you to kill Firkraag...

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A wise paladin won't attack if he knows it's certain death - if there is no innocent in danger, he surely wouldn't risk the lifes of his companions. I would say it is no dishonor to face Firkraag after freeing the child and not attack him instantly. Not to sneak up to the enemy does not imply running at him unprepared. Maybe your paladin can be convinced this way. ;)

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Hello! I made an account just to post on this topic :). First of all, I love what you've done with Ajantis, I played through BG1 with him as my character's romance and I was extremely happy to see that there was a mod for BG2 that continued the romance :D. I love him to bits thanks to these mods :D.

It's my first time playing through the BG2 Ajantis romance mod, as well as BG2, so forgive me if my current problem is silly and easily fixed.


I have BGT, the BG2 fixpack, banter pack, flirt pack, the npc project, and a couple of custom npc mods that I still haven't played through. I don't know if the order I installed them could have caused the issues I'm experiencing, and I'm sorry in advance if that's the case (I'd appreciate it if I was told where I could have gone wrong and in which order I should have installed them if that's the problem)!


My character just married Ajantis, and I'm about to go to where the Cowled Wizards are supposed to be holding Imoen. It sounded like a point of no return, sort of, so I I wanted to see if the mod was like this or if there is a conflict somewhere and I had to re-install it or make other adjustments.


I read in the readme that Ajantis has rest talks in BG2 as well, but it seems I'm not getting any of them, which is a shame because I enjoyed the more intimate talks he and my character had in BG1. It's like a part of his romance content is not triggering :(. The only time it appeared like he had a rest talk was right after I got him and I rested, and he talked about my character having scars from the experiments. The talk also happened right after I rested, so maybe it was just a normal talk, but I can't be sure. Other than that, there have been zero talks upon rest :(.


Also in the same conversation, Ajantis talked as if he and my character had decided to wait and not have a physical relationship in BG1. Was that intentional, or was it a bug (since that wasn't the case and my character had no dialogue option to correct him)?


Do the talks upon rest happen later while playing through the main storyline, or am I right in thinking that something is not triggering right in my game? Thanks in advance!

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Hi katerinafm, thank you for the kind words and welcome to G3!


Yes, that is definitely a bug. Which version of the mod are you playing? You can see the version number in the weidu.log file in your BGII main folder (open with editor and paste the contents here). I thought I corrected a bug concerning this, but maybe I introduced one in that instance - I would have to check.


As for the second question: I was trying to find words that fit in both cases, since I cannot check for the choice the player did in BG1, but I am aware that it is not perfect. Was it Ajantis' wording that you found inappropriate or did you miss an answer option? I am open for suggestions.

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Thank you!


I have version 3 of the mod that I downloaded from the link in your signature. I only downloaded it a week or some ago when I started playing through BG2 right after BG1 thanks to BGT. I wanted to play through the Ajantis content as soon as I started, so I don't think you have updated that file since then.


I read a lot about how the order of the mods could cause conflicts and such, so I suspect that the bug could be coming from me not installing the rest of the mods in the correct order? I didn't install them in a specific order and I suspect I should have. I installed the Ajantis mod last from what I remember, maybe that was the problem? All I know is that I'm supposed to install non Weidu mods before Weidu mods, but the readme files of the mods I listed to you appear like they are all Weidu mods (how can I tell? I'm really new to this, sorry :( ).


In that conversation, as far as I remember, Ajantis says 'My love, I know that we had decided to wait while on the Sword Coast' or something along those lines. The answer options were something like 'Yes I know, I still want to wait', 'Why do you want to talk about it' or 'I don't want to talk about this' (it's been a few days since I saw them so I'm paraphrasing).


As a suggestion for how the convo could have Ajantis talk about it without it seeming like he forgets what happened in BG1, he could say something like 'Do you feel the same way about what we had decided on the Sword Coast?', with the player answers then having options like 'Yes, I want us to continue to have a physical relationship', 'Yes, I still want to wait until after we're married', 'I don't want that right now' etc. Kind of like how in the beginning of BG2 when Imoen asks you about Ajantis and the player has the option to either say that they are still engaged or broke up, etc.

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That's a very good idea!


And the night-talks is a bug I introduced in v2, I am afraid - or at least I hope so, because if it isn't then I don't know what the problem is. For fixing, please download the following archiv, and put the c#ajand.bcs inside into your override folder (replacing the existing one). There should be nighttalks upon resting then. Please let me know whether it works: http://kerzenburg.ba...tey/Ajantisscript.zip

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I'm glad you think so!


Yes, I got a couple of talks upon rest now. I'm actually thinking of starting BG2 from the beginning again now that it's working because I want to fully experience the mod and I don't want to feel like I missed convos. I don't know why it appears like I have files from version 2 though since I downloaded version 3 :/. Thank you for fixing it nonetheless!


Another question that is not a bug or anything: I got the quest with the niece Ajantis knows and her fiance that gets put in jail. I got that guy out of jail, but is that the end of the quest? Because it's implied that I could get evidence against the people that put him there, but I don't know what to do. The spoiler thread in your original post is not working so I was wondering if you could tell me or point me in the right direction :).

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Are you saying the night talks work now with the changed file I linked?


And it's in v3 because this didn't change from v2 to v3 (and I changed something for v2), sorry for the confusion.


to the quest: If you got him out of jail then you passed all needed evidence, I think. You can meet the happy couple one last time in Garren Windspear's hut, but that would be all.

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Yes, the night talks appear to be working now with the file you gave me. I got a couple of talks upon rest as soon as I opened the game and rested, one about Ajantis and the character's first night as a married couple (that they wouldn't get before no matter how many times I rested after they got married) and another with him talking about a scar my character saw on him. I am also restarting the game with my character to see all the talks from the beginning and hopefully there won't be any other problems :D. Thank you!

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Maybe the bug happened because it conflicted with the other mods I'm using (like I said, I didn't install them in a specific order which could have caused issues)? Unless you're certain that a conflict couldn't have caused this, perhaps ask other players that use the mod if they've had the same problem?

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