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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Thank goodness! Then adding mods should be pretty easy, even for me. :) But...any update wipes your install clean? Well, I guess I'll have to remember to be VERY careful when to allow for updates, then. It would stink to be far thru the game, get the update message, automatically do it, and then lose your favourite paladin!

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Well, I guess you could reinstall, and the savegames aren't affected by an update, but it could be that there is text-mixups, then, so re-modding and using old savegames is not recommended for BG(II):EE.


And, my suggestion is to copy the whole game to another folder (preferably one that is not in the "programs" Windows folder), and install the mods there. Then the original install can be updated and the modded game can still be finished without worries.

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Absolutely! I am still doing the first alpha testrun and will be not available the coming week. As soon as I finished the very first run-through I'll link you to it, but it's probably not before the 10th of February (linking anything earlier would only lead to you encountering bugs and me not being there to fix them.)

Thank you very much for volunteering!

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I will!

Alphatesting progresses. I moved 4 dialogues from Ajantis-initiated into the PID section - triggering dialogues in ToB is difficult, as events flow so tight, the dialogues usually start at unvaforable situations, or at times where the PC faces something completely new and talking about recent events seems kind of odd. Found and fixed several bugs including misplaced interjections (BioWare crew does not interject at the most striking points - a lot of the existing ones some players never get to see, dependning on dialogue paths chosen. A pity)

Than I realized there is no good merchant in ToB? Will probably add the item needed for the Ajantis' shield upgrade to the Amkethran tavern.

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I noticed a tiny issue with his locket item (c#amul01). Description states it adds 5% bonus to luck. It's effect is actually a +5 bonus to luck, which is bit of an overkill.

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Thank you very much!


But I am confused, for setting the effect, I can only chose



Set % of (2)


I would expect a choice like "Increment by %". Does someone know how I would code a 5% increase?

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