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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Thank you very much!


But I am confused, for setting the effect, I can only chose



Set % of (2)


I would expect a choice like "Increment by %". Does someone know how I would code a 5% increase?

Personally, I'd make it a simple +1 increment. I don't know if PCs have "luck" as an atribute, and given that 105% of 0 is still 0.....

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micbaldur reported this in his BWP game :)


The file to change is ajantisbg2\dialogues\ajantis_anomen.d.


The CHAIN blocks at line 59 and 81 check for the NPC who is speaking instead who is to be spoken to (just change 59's block to check for C#Ajantis and 81 to check for anomen :cheers:)

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Thank you very much for reporting!


The mod is updated to v9.


Changes are.

  • Change of Ajantis' amulet luck bonus to +1 instead of +5 (thank you, kreso)
  • Fix of two Ajantis-Anomen banter that triggered without the other one present (thank you, micbaldur and Lollorian)

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Thank you for your interest! ToB part is coded, but it's still in a mix of English / German language. If you speak German, I can link you to it. If not, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer..


Download (SoA-part) was updated to v10 - now all banters will only fire if both NPCs are in the group.

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I'm looking forward to English translation as well, so I can finally play him through BGT as a fully made NPC. Keep up the good work, SoA part is quite impressive work.

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There is romance and friendship path guides and more info on Ajantis' reactions to the PC choices inside the mod folder ("documentation"), but no walkthrough for the quest, if that is your question.

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I am happy to announce that I had a translation rush in my holidays, and turned Ajantis ToB into something that could count as an English version! Or to phrase it differently: The testing of Ajantis ToB will start as soon as my proof reader finishes the transformation of my translations into real English.


I will probably open a new thread with a call for testers, or I will give a call here. Anyone who is interested, please post and you will get a link as soon as the proof-read version is available!

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