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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Can anyone tell me how you get the dang belt off of Ajantis? I went to Cromwell, then Ajantis said something about "letting me know when the place is private enough"... but it seems like no matter where I take him he is too afraid to let it disintegrate...

I tried looking in the readmes, didn't find anything unfortunately.

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Ah, thank you, it works! I had not had him go away from the party members, and I was also trying mostly in Athkatla, since I finished everywhere else before I went to the Underdark!

Once I headed to the Temple Ruins and had him walk a ways away, it triggered just fine! No more 9 dexterity!!!


I'm playing the latest version on kerzenburg from May of this year, v11 I believe?

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Yes, that is the newest official version. If you want to have ToB content and don't mind to encounter some bugs, let me know as there is a new v12 beta which is currently in testing.


And did I really let the dexterity drop to 9? This seems a little bit much - or a bit much little, so to say. I am not sure I knew what I did there with the item abilities, maybe I'll soften that a bit. EDIT: Hm, he does have Dexterity 13 and the belt should reduce this by 2 - if you have 9 Dexterity and no other effects but the belt, something weird is going on.


Thank you for taking him along!

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The testing of ToB has started! If you are interested, let me know and I'll open the testing forum to you. Proof-readers are also very welcome!

I don't really have time for testing, but if you want Level 1 NPCs to support your ToB version, I guess I need access to that. The version I have has c#ajatob.cre which uses c#ajan25.bcs and c#ajan25.dlg, but neither that script nor dialogue file exists. Also, if you've added any quest-specific NPC items (other than starting equipment) beyond c#ajshl2.itm, it'll be easier just to tell me the filenames rather than have me try to hunt for them.

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Twani: Thank you for your interest! As I wrote above, there will be an update of the beta soon, that also addresses some issues with the SoA version. I'll try to be quick.


Miloch: Very good point! I completely forgot about that. The c#ajatob.cre with c#ajan25.bcs and c#ajan25.dlg is indeed the ToB-files; I already included them into the base install but the real content is not yet in v11 but in v12 beta, but the file names are the same.


There is his personal shield: for SoA, it's c#ajshld.itm and c#ajshl2.itm, for ToB it's c#ajshl3.itm. All other items are not NPC restricted. I'll add you to the download link, just to make sure.


Thank you!

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