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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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I'm collecting ideas for mods to try, and have a bunch allready (SR, IR, SCS and some quest mods also). I could give Ajantis a go in SoA and through to ToB.


Do you need certain NPCV along with him? Please let me know.



Ulf Halgrim

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Hi Ulf! I'll give you access to the testing thread, thank you for your interest!


No requests concerning other NPCs or anything.


Concerning testing:

- Even installing the mod and not taking the NPC along is a test (because I always code with my NPC in the party in mind - already fixed a bug where not having him in the party made a quest unsolvable (but that was, like 10 versions back. ;) ))

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So far i had lots of fun and applaud you Jastey for the Wraithsollution.. That little boy was a stroke of genius .. and so far i have found out Ajantis dont work well with stratagems. but flawless without im going to pm you if i find any real trouble but for now i LOVE this mod

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Just realized (with help from Twani) that the engaged path in BGII:EE now has three other NPC romances to withstand (or end it)... I should probably give Rasaad at least some nice ways of ending the romance. I mean for the PC, of course.

Thank you for drawing my attention to this!


EDIT: And ToB testing is progressing. If anyone is still interested, let me know.

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I wanna give some feedback from a little less romanceable point of view.


Ajantis can be really valuable party member especially in ToB. If you made him a cavalier. ToB is like full of demons, right?


He's shield is very weak and should be improved. Something like:


- 20% res. to electricity and custom "cavalier strength" ability: +2 STR and +2 CON once per day - mundane shield

- 30% res. to electricity and "cavalier's might": +4 STR +4 CON and further +2 to hit and damage to all demons cumulative with hes class ability x2 per day, immunity to lvl drain - improved shield (forging requires belt of strength and angurvadal long sword, one kings tear and one million diamonds)

or simply + 2/4 to STR and CON and 20/30 elec. res., imm. lvl drain


I personally would've change his soundset (vanilla I guess) a little. Everytime (quite often unfortunately) he's like " HELM !!! GIVE ME STRENGTH!" I am like "FCUK!! MY EARS!!"

and he's banter music should be less epic and more calm and actually romantic in my opinion

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