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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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I am happy and proud to announce that the mod updates to v16, and has all content I will add to it (apart from maybe crossmod content).

Bug reports of course still very welcome.


Most important changes:

  • EE:NPC-Ajantis content (Ajantis will not tolerate Dorn and Hexxat, and banters with Rasaad, Neera, and Baeloth)
  • EET compatibility with 'content-continuity', i.e. for BGT and EET, the Ajantis BGII mod will consider the outcome of the BG1NPC romance in a seamless fashion. The used creature file for Ajantis in BGII will be a new one, though.
  • Reworked PID system: This will hopefully increase playability and usefulness of the serious dialogues triggered via PID, which in former versions kind of get lost in the random flirting options.
    • All serious dialogues will be bundled in the option 'I would like to talk to you'.
    • This option only appears if there are active questions/topics present.
    • Ajantis gives a DisplayStringHead 'I am ready to answer new questions' if new PIDs options are available in the 'I would like to talk to you' section.
    • Any dialogue started via this option will cycle back to the 'I would like to talk to you' section, so all active questions can be asked in one go without having to activate the PID again and again (this might turn out to be a nuisance for instances later in game if there might be only one question active, though)
  • Reworked the starting quest to free Ajantis: After completing the quest the party will return to the area they started in (although not exactly the same spot, but reasonably placed)
  • Changes and Improvements to the Romance Path:
    • Reworked 'thinking' cycle after decision of his parents. In the old version, Ajantis would judge by reputation and number of what he thinks are bad decisions of the PC. In the new version, the player will have control over the future of the relationship. There is an internal counter regarding the PC's replies, though. Ajantis will judge her replies and offers to release her from her vows of marriage if the PC gives the impression to be unhappy about the situation.
    • Added the possibility to wait with the wedding until Imoen is freed. The possibility to postbone the wedding until after the Underdark was already implemented, but now the PC has the possibility to actively wish it that way.


For the EE games (BGII:EE and EET) the second optional component will install the BeamDog inventory BAM for Ajantis' family shield (green dragon on golden ground). If not installed, the BG1NPC Project shield graphic will be used.

A third optional component will install crossmod content included into this mod. Install this third component as late as possible in your install. If Crossmod Banter Pack gets updated, this component might move there.
It is recommended to install this component if you have the other mods installed, as it includes Ajantis' reaction to the (changed) game content.
Mods currently considered are:
-Gavin BGII

Crossmod content of 'Skie Cost of one Soul' is included into both mods and will be installed intependently of install order.


You can get the Sir Ajantis BGII mod here:

Official Download Mirror at the Kerzenburg-Forum

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Hi StefanO, best you send me your safegame to jastey at web.de and tell me what game you are on and which version of Ajantis BGII. You are encountering the classic stutter bug, where the script tries to fire a dialogue repeatedly but no dialogue with the matching variable is present so it triggers the PID instead.

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With StefanO's help the bug is fixed in the new version: the mod updates to v17. Thank you very much for the report!


Changes are:

-(crossmod) fixed stutter bug for crossmod with Alternatives Mod
-changed StartDialog("Player1",Player1) to StartDialogOverride("Player1",Player1) (probably didn't cause any bugs because "player1" is the supposed dialogue file for Player1, anyway)

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My feedback regarding component 0, the aspect of which I'm gonna talk about has lite to do with READLN, it's about requiring unnecessary choices for players:

During installation, mod offers to install two "components", player is forced to make a choice:

1 - Ajantis as a plain paladin
2 - Ajantis as cavalier
But the default Ajantis class is already plain paladin, I don't want to change it, I only want romance so such question is unnecessary. If player would like to change Ajantis class, he can indicate such desire by installing a component which is specify design for such purpose. And when he do, he don't expect that the one of the choice will be "install component which change nothing for Ajantis" (that's what "Not install" is for). He expect choices which will change something.
Regardless of the replacing READLN with SUBCOMPONENTS, my proposal would be: "Replace "plain paladin" to "as inquisitor" and offer such choices as separate component.
Similar concern can be applied also for "Timer between dialogues". If I want to change it, offer me a separate component, without default option ("1 hour real time (standard) minimum between Dialogues").
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Good thoughts, I also thought about making the class change another component with plain paladin being the default (i.e. installing cavalier instead would be the component's conetent), not sure I'll include other paladin kits, though.


And yes, if the lovetalk timer will become an own component, I'll probably set a default in the main component and only give other choices for players that want them.


But then, as Ajantis isn't on GitHub and I am not sure I'll put him there, you tool won't support the mod anyway, so why would I put work into this?

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jastey, my suggestion has nothing to do with the install tool. In fact, you can keep READLN action and still apply those ideas. But READLN is painful for the user and modder: image a situation when player tells you "something is wrong with Ajantis" and he provide weidu.log. But because you component is using READLN, weidu.log shows only: Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII and that's it. You don't see which class was selected by the player. It's up to you to consider my feedback valuable to the mod itself and to the player because it's saves manual actions and time. Just do what you want to do, I'm not gonna nag you about this anymore, just wanted to provide feedback.

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You are right about those points, I already asked a few times which choices the player made, and also testing the mod and re-installing several times gets a bit on my nerves.


It was an honest thought, though. The mod is working now and seems not to have too many bugs left, so I'm not sure I'll start rearranging the whole installer now without a greater reason.

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You are right about those points, I already asked a few times which choices the player made, and also testing the mod and re-installing several times gets a bit on my nerves.


It was an honest thought, though. The mod is working now and seems not to have too many bugs left, so I'm not sure I'll start rearranging the whole installer now without a greater reason.

It's a valid reason to not touch tp2 code. For such cases, as temporary solution, you could use "Solution 3" from first post of http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29708&page=1 Just wait for better guide/explanation/example of it.

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I am very interested in crossmod banters in theory, but they are not high on my list. I am sure this will change once I'll play the game again and experience the NPCs ingame.

If any modder is interested in writing crossmod banters for Ajantis (BGII) he/she is welcome to contact me.

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