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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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That would be great, cmorgan! Although "New Year's Resolutions" are usually those one doesn't fulfill?...


in the meanwhile, though, please, feel free to use RE dream timer, if you'd like to.
OMG it took me until now to understand what you were offering. Yes, I think I will implement the RE timer to prevent Ajantis and RE men approaching in the same night (I nearly wrote "coming", :) ). Thank you!
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Basically what I need to complete the alpha is the Ajantis BG1 soundfiles as oggs.

What was the problem with mp3 (something with legality)?


It is still a mixed German - English version, but it's running (well, OK, at least it is installing fine, more after the alpha testing started..).


Of course I am hoping to get him properly voiced someday, but for now the BG1 soundsets would do fine.


If anyone with experience concerning ogging BG sounds is reading this please contact me. :)

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I'd be happy to ogg Ajantis' BG1 sounds for you. :)


Oh, but that reminds me, if you want the German soundset ogged as well, please email them to me, as I don't have access to the German game.

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Can you ogg mp3s as well? Because I have the German sounds as mp3. If not, how do I extract the German sounds? NI doesn't like me touching any wavs, but would DLTCEP work? EDIT: Actually I would be happy if you take the mp3. The problem in the German version is, that BG1 sounds are louder than BGII, so original BG1 sounds put into BGII make your ears explode (one of the drawbacks of German Tutu v4, btw..). The mp3 sounds are tuned down, for newly extracted wav this would have to be done still.

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I've already got the English sounds extracted and decompressed using acm2wav, so now it's just compression to ogg.


I'll take the sounds as MP3, or whatever other format you send them. WAVC, MP3, whatever, Audacity will OGG them. If they need normalization to -4dB, which is comparable to the English game sounds, I can handle that, too.

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First of all, best of luck with what looks like a great project! :)


Secondly, it has been decided that when it's finished it needs to be hosted at G3, so that when Aklon is released, we'll have five "big A" NPCs and you can have them all in your party!


(which, if the PC is a cleric, would be a pretty balanced group, if a bit weighted towards melee)

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I had a look at your forum at Rosenranken. The ideas you and Annalena posted in the concept thread sound so lovely (I think Ajantis is the type who wants to bathe with <Charname>, though!). I hope you'll have time to include everything you wanted to see, especially in the "engaged" romance path. I've always wanted to take a loved one through all of BG1 and BG2 (without crying).

Best of luck to you!

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