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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Well, actually I hope that players might lose an emotional tear at Ajantis engaged path. Or two. On some occations. But there will be a happily ever after, promised! Well, at least if you are walking the path of good...


Thank you, Kulyok. I am doing something really terrible at the moment. I am trying my luck on Ajantis vanilla BG1 romance. Dear gods!

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Of course you don't suck! I just love happy endings, that's all, and the non-bonded path was cheerful enough for me. :band:


I can promise that I'll weep at the end of ToB, I always do. Some SoA scenes of Ajantis's engaged path sound like good crying material, too, don't worry. ;)


(Crying out of joy is ok, weeping bitter tears of grief isn't.)

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Planning, yes, in the sense of "if someone does it, and I like the voice, I will incorporate it". I don't have a voice artist at hand, though. berelinde mentioned some possible voice artists she could ask, and maybe there is someone who will be interested once the mod hits this stage. (I loved Sir Kalthorine's voice in RE (Laran), btw...)


I am awfully curious how Holvir will turn out, btw. Did I understand your remark correctly that he will be a romance option? :)

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About the voicing:


After I've got BG1 NPC done, I'll ask Pete, Matt and Pippin (yeah, that's really his name... don't ask him unless you want a Maple Willow Aspen reaction) to make some recordings for you to see if you like any of them. I can't do it before, because if my computer is on, I'm working on BG1 NPC.


Or you can hold out for Sir Kalthorine, but I'm afraid that he will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. His computer is no more, and he has no internet access. :)

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