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Will someone be able to revoice Hildury?

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I'm wondering if someone has an inner noble half-orc in them to get the set revoiced? I suppose either male or female harsh voice should be Okay, as I can play with the pitch a bit later on. Or, if you can match the voice in her current set, these lines are the only ones that need to be re-recorded:


SAY 0x2d8 ~For goodness!~ [hild003]

SAY 0x2dc ~Die villainy!~ [hild004]

SAY 0x2e0 ~For righteousness!~ [hild005]

SAY 0x2e4 ~Glory will be ours today!~ [hild006]

SAY 0x2e8 ~Doom on our foes!~ [hild007]

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