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Werewolf Island Component

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I've just played through the Werewolf Island section of BG1Tutu(with SCS installed). Unlike previous games, I finally had a realistic chance of convincing Kaishas that I would remain silent - however convincing Selaad Gan/Mendas wasn't possible.


This was an interesting improvement but it didn't go far enough. There is an evil-aligned dialogue option on Werewolves' Island, where you can state to Kaishas that you wish "to run with the pack" and gain the ability to become a werewolf. Surely, if, as seems plausible, that one can convince Kaishas, then there's no reason why one can't develop an innate ability and be able to shapeshift into a werewolf(along with being able to convince Mendas/Selaad Gan). Not allowing this option rather shortchanges evil-aligned parties, IMO, re decent roleplaying.


If, as I hope, you do try to include a werewolf-transformation option, I would suggest not using the standard werewolf stats. Those stats are too weak, to be any good. The werewolf from the Shapeshifter Rebalancing Mod could work well, though, if all TOS/chapter 6 and 7 enemies were equipped with +1 magic weapons or better(with most non-weapon carrying monsters being given the ability to damage those who can't be hurt by normal weapons etc.).


One question:- In the readme, you mention that Kaishas can't be affected by anthing except cold iron-wrought weapons, yet there don't seem to be any such weapons in the game, just a gold and a silver weapon, I think - how do you defeat Kaishas, therefore, if you've run out of spells by the time you reach her?


(I thought werewolves were only supposed to be affected by silver weapons (according to AD&D), with greater werewolves(loup-garou) being only affected by gold weapons. It's only AD&D demons that are supposed to be only affected by cold-iron weapons(or +1 magic weapons or higher)., just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent mod - without it I wouldn't have bothered playing BG1Tutu, this one more time.


Other than that, I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent mod. I wouldn't have bothered playing through BG1Tutu once more, without it.

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