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Creating New Bard Spells (IWD2)


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How do I create a new Bard spell in IWD2? I'm familiar with the SPWI[0-9]** naming system for the other games to make spells available at character creation. But Bards (obviously) have their own spell list separate from Wizards.


I've looked, and Bards don't have special spells of their own (Cure Light Wounds is on their list, and it's a priest SPL, yet still subject to arcane spell failure). Their spelllist is an ugly mix of Wizard and Priest spells.


Is there a 2DA I'm missing, or is this simply more IWD2-engine hackery?

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I believe it's listspll.2da that controls this; a non-zero entry should indicate at which level a spell is castable, and a zero entry indicate unavailable.


Thanks, works great! Perhaps the IESDP should be updated, there's no information on the file.

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