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Question: "Hide" Item in shop?


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I have the following question: I want to make an item available in a regular shop, after a special dialogue. the item should not show before that.


Is this at all possible?


I could always pass the item in a dialogue, but I was thinking about letting the PC have a look first.


Any suggestions?

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You could create two .sto files - one with the item, one without.


Then, after the variable ShowItemToPC(or something) is set (in the dialogue, or wherever), you could show the second shop instead of the first one. Easy enough.


The only downside is that you probably will have to use a new char with a new shop, since overwriting, say, Ribald's whole stock might be undesirable.

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Guest jastey*

I was thinking about that, but if I'd use a "second" shop, all items that were sold to the vendor would be gone, wouldn't they?


I could always create a "shop" for the item alone, but what I am dreaming about is that the PC can just "find" the item after she knows it would be needed.



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If it is a generic shop that has an unlimited numbers of plain arrows, chainmails, and low-level healing potions - or a shop to which you cannot sell anything(just disable all types via NI) you would be safe in this regard, I think.


Though perhaps giving the item via the dialogue would indeed be better. Or perhaps the vendor could give a small book with item descriptions to the PC.

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Guest Guest
the vendor could give a small book with item descriptions to the PC.
That is a brilliant idea, since one option is that the item will be forged especially for the PC. Eh, cool! ;)


-jastey, in the latest moment thinking about putting a name down :(

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cool idea... and one that means you can EXTEND_BOTTOM freely on the existing dialogue so that you don't have to worry about any kind of interference with other mods! I like this approach alot. I need to bookmark this link for future mod-idea reference.

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