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problem uninstalling BG2


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The computer I was playing BG2 on (on C drive) ended up with corrupted files in the registry after an unexpected shutdown. So took it to a shop to have it repaired as follows: I had a new hard drive installed. That drive was made the new C drive. The old C drive was changed to F drive. So BG2 is now found on F drive.


To resume my BG2 game, I edited the Baldur.ini file to match the new location (F drive), and I modified the the HD0, CD1 etc entries accordingly. To run the game, I've used bgmain.exe in the game directory. I was able to finish the BG2 game.


But now I want to play the entire saga and, ideally, I would like to uninstall BG2 and start fresh with both games installed on C drive. Problem is, I can't see a way to uninstall BG2 from F drive! It doesn't show up in the Start menu, nor in Windows 'Add/Remove Software'.


Someone suggested the following


Yeah, you can just delete the registry entries, and the InstallShield folder.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\BioWare Corp\


Delete that key.


Note there is one with a full stop ....\BioWare Corp.\ that is the BG1 entry so don't delete that one.


Then delete c:\program files\installshied installation information\


{8DAE4336-2B71-11D4-9A6C-006067325E47} (SoA) sub folder




{B8C3B479-1716-11D5-968A-0050BA84F5F7} (ToB) sub folder


Should be uninstalled as far as Windows and the BG Setup is concerned. I'd probably delete all the game folder as well (unless you need save games or other stuff, back them up first.)


But I'm not finding


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\BioWare Corp\




c:\program files\installshied installation information\




f:\program files\installshied installation information\


At this point, if I simply install BG1 and BG2 on C drive will I be okay? I.e., will I have to worry about any potential conflict with BG2 being installed also on F drive?


Or any suggestions as to how to uninstall BG2 from F drive?

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That should probably be the case... if none of the registry keys are there Windows won't know it's installed and there should be nothing in the registry if it was a clean Windows install anyway. You could always try searching the registry for "Bioware" just to make sure though.

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Yeah, I can't find what the thread says I should look for in the registry. It's not there.


If I delete the BG2 folder on F drive and install BG1 and BG2 on C drive I should be fine? Just looking for reassurance.

That's exactly the point of that post -- 'reassurance'. Once the keys are gone, the folder(s) be safely deleted. If the keys weren't there when you looked, you're golden.
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