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Peony Romance Bug

Guest Tempest

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Guest Tempest

Domi, this is continued from my report of the bug with the Peony romance-I went ahead and started chapter 3, but I'm still not getting the option to talk to Peony in private, though I got a couple talks out of here in just seeing if she had anything to say.


You said to CheckVar("P#PeonyRomanceInactive","GLOBAL"), but the game reports there isn't any such variable, and I didn't see the variable when I opened the game up with DaleKeeper.


As for my character, I went ahead and cheated everyone to lv 30 with top gear-I'm running this mainly to see the character interaction and storyline. My character's info is as follows:


Chaotic Good Male Tielfling

Class: Rogue 30

STR: 12

DEX: 23

CON: 12

INT: 16

WIS: 8

CHA: 16

Bluff: 33

Diplomacy: 33

Intimidate: 33

Disable Device: 33

Open Lock: 33

Search: 33

Use Magic Device: 33


If it matters, the rest of my party consists of Sir Nord, Hildury, Valeero, Prachi, and of course, Peony.


And on a minor aside: I'm definitely enjoying the romance thus far. Playing the swashbuckling chaotic good rogue is a nice break from my usually dour characters, and Peony lets me play the swashbuckler to the hilt. Also notable for being the first romance with a gnome in an Infinity Engine game. :(

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So, you didn't Match yet. Please, check if V19 takes care of the bug, and if it doesn't, I'd like to take a look at your save (appart from being curious about your seriously mighty party). Please, send to domi_sotto at gibberlings3 dot net

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Guest Tempest

If it matters, I did have the talk-in-private option earlier-I made sure I finished all the lovetalks in chapter one before moving on, and had just been checking that I had all the lovetalks in chapter two when I noticed I didn't have the option.


Party's not really that mighty. Mostly a matter of giving everyone a +5 weapon of something or another, good suit of armor, putting everyone on "Fighter Anti-Caster" scripts, and letting them run loose, periodically having Peony drop an area effect spell to clean out the trash, and hitting ctrl-r whenever someone gets knocked down to 75% or so. Only time things went south was when Prachi got dire charmed in the horde fortress and killed Peony and Valeero.

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Guest Tempest

Just installed the new version. The option to talk to Peony in private is still missing, and the game's still reporting P#PeonyRomanceInactive and P#PeonyMatch don't exist.

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I'm of course the root of all evil here. I uhm... matched Peony and Salomeya with a female PC, by the wonders of copy-pasting.


Please, set the P#PeonyMatch to 1, and the whole issue will get fixed. Corrected locally, of course ;)


Same for Salomeya!


Putting this in the quick and dirty fixes for Alpha 19.

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ATM romance reactions come only from romance conflicting characters, ie Salomeya and Rizdaer in Peony's case. I guess, at some point I wrote so many romantic reactions, that I kind of got diillusioned in the idea.

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