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BG2 Fickpack and Easy Tutu?

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I just did the following Easy Tutu installation and I'm wondering, should I have installed the BG2 Fixpack to the 'BaldursGate Tutu' folder?


BG/ToSC patched

SoA/ToB patched

Easy Tutu

Easy Tutu Degreenifier

Level One NPCs

One Pixel Productions

Sirenes Call

The Gray Clan

Sword Coast Stratagems

Song and Silence

Sword and Fist

Divine Remix

BG2 Tweaks

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Tutu only copies critical BG2 files to the new Tutu folder, so the BG2Fixpack is virtually useless, and may not even install correctly due to missing BG2 files.


Edit: removed information that didn't apply to EasyTutu (it applied instead to the older BGTutu installer).

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EasyTutu operates by dropping a complete override folder into place after the conversion of resources, creating a truly identical install base platform. So BG1 Fixpack content would be blown completely away even if it did work. Macready suggests *not* applying anything but the patches for the BG1 and BG2 used in the installation of EasyTutu, and then you can go ahead and mod BG1 and BG2 independently of the EasyTutu install.


Macready is currently working on migrating relevant BG2 fixpack fixes, and a complete overhaul of the spells to fit the BG2 engine, into EasyTutu.

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