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I finished the Run with the Following Party/Protagonist


PC and NPCs in Alpha Runs  

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Heya, everyone, this information will prove *very* useful to me to let me know if I am beta ready.


Please, post your party combination separately, so I can watch for the gaps in NPC-NPC interactions testing and can fill in the four characters you can't put on the poll, since it allows only one choice. Please, also let me know which char you already added to the poll, so I don't mark him off twice.


If you used the poll form once already, so you can't vote again, please just post, saying it's your second/third run, and I'll edit your choices in so I can keep track of which NPCs need more testing etc.

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My testing parties I finished the game with were (both before romancing):


Female PC, Jaemal, Salomeya, Nord, Hildury, Diriel


Female PC, Rizdaer, Nikosh, Prachi, Valeero, Peony

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Mhm.. As I said before:


Female PC: Diriel, Rizdaer, Jaemal, Nikosh, Salomeya


The second time I have taken Prachi in the place of Salomeya.

I have played some more with different combinations, but only with those two have I finished the game.

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Um.. No, not *really*. I romanced Diriel the second time. If you can call it that. And before I were able to, I, um, 'played' a little bit with Jaemal. Though I did romance Rizd on third run, the one I didn't finish. This time being nasty. I will surely play more, just later. Now I don't know when to start doing things that should have been done for a pretty long time... Um. Yeah. Gaming will have to wait a little bit, first I must convince my friends to put down the knifes. And the flaming torches.



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My party for my first run: Rizdaer, Salomeya, Diriel, Jaemal, and I swapped out Nikosh for Peony in chapter 1 (I soon realized that my party could use some comic relief from dark and angsty-and I felt bad for the abuse that poor little Nikosh was taking from Salomeya).


I romanced Riz. ;)



I am now in chapter 3 of my second run: Nord, Hildury, Jaemal, Prachi, and Valeero.


I am romancing Jaemal.

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Female half-elf fighter PC, romanced Jaemal, the rest of the party was


Nord, Hildury, Rizdaer, Salomeya


I'm playing through BG right now, but as soon as I finish with that I'm heading back to this with my party going to be,


Female PC, romancing Riz, with the rest of the party being


Peony, Nikosh, Nord, Diriel

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Updated. Please, guys, just finished games, because that gives me an indication that you've seen the whole thing and reported whatever glitches occured. On an unfinished game, I wouldn't know if there was a bug in Chapter 5 you have not encountered yet and stuff.

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