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Order installation for mods

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I made the topic on "the Hell's gates won't open" and decided to continue the discussion on another thread, as this particular bug was fixed.


Here is my order of installation for mods (BG2) :

- SoA

- ToB

- ToB official patch

- FixPack v3 from GB3

- Ascension

- Longer Road (Irenicus)

- Solaufein

- D0Quest Pack

(removed all other mods for simplicity as I didn't use them in my game)


I'm always wondering where to put the Quest Pack. I feel like it's somewhat interfering with the two NPC's mods Irenicus and Solaufein.

Their default dialogs, when engaging combat, or getting hit, are complete non-sense (and even more some in english whereas all the installation is in french) ; they come from somewhere else. I think of the quest pack, but don't know for sure.


I don't have a method to investigate that and would like to know if I could 'debug' the entries, as I feel they are overwritten. The whole Solaufein mod for example has its .tra files translated, so it can't be this mod which makes him sprout english sentences. Maybe there is a bug in how the dialogs are matched in the game for this particular mod, or interference with other mods.


I can write down what they are saying to search through all the dialog files where it comes from, but don't know of an automatized way of doing that. And I don't know how .tra files are implemented to actually have the dialogs within appear when playing.


I hope I'm clear in what I'm saying. ;)


Thank you for your answers. ;)

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This has nothing to do with mismatch mod installation, nor is it caused by one or more of the mods. What happened is that you re-installed one or more mods, then used a previous saved game with the new list. The text of characters, places and dialogues are now screwed up.


This is normal. This is a limitation of the game.


Unfortunately there is no simple way to fix this. There is a complicated way, using one of the game tools like Near Infinity to manually re-adjust the text, but I will not go into how to do that. If someone else has free time to do so, more power to them.


There are only two options that I can think of: (1) keep playing, ignoring the text mismatch, (2) start a new game, from Irenicus' dungeon.

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