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The Black Hound (BG3)

Black Elk

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Hi guys it Jah-din

Some of you may remember me from a while back, when I did some work editing the Imoen and Shar-Teel material ;)


Anyhow, I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know the good news (in case you didn't already hear about it) that Josh Sawyer is working to bring the Black Hound (aka Baldur's Gate 3) to Nevewinter Nights 2. If you're interested you can read more about it here:



I also wanted to say that the BG1 NPC project v12 still rocks the house! And I've been trying to push it (as well as TUTU) over on the various NWN2 boards. If you have a minute please stop by to plug your project with the NWN2 crowd (I know many will dig it). We can also set you up with some free NWCitadel boards if you ever decide to port the BG NPC1 project to the new engine... Which I believe is actually possible now that we have a working World Map and full party control ;)



Also some other really cool news from the NWN2 universe


We implemented many other new features, most of which are to further polish the NWN2 experience for both the player and for the content creator using the toolset. For example, we added the ability to use any 2D graphic as a custom portrait for creatures instead of the automatically generated 3D portraits.


Kevin Sounders 06-08-07




As you can imagine, I'm pretty much beeming right now. If we can do it for creatures, it stands to reason that someone will figure out how to get it working for player characters sooner or later. Just wanted to let you all know that there are still people working to champion this issue. In the comming weeks, I'll be working to get the Ultimate NWN portrait packs converted, as well as a new Monsters pack that I've been working on for builders. In addition to the portrait stuff there is also talk of BG style party formations in the new expansion pack "Mask of the Betrayer."

Developer Rob McGinnis mentioned it at his blog over on the Biosidian Boards




Oh yeah, if you guys get a chance, please please stop buy and check out our new NWN/2 project: The Neverwinter Citadel



You may remember some of us from the heyday of NWN1


Papermonk: of the CODI

Adam Miller: DreamCatcher, Dark Waters etc

Dunniteowl: from the OE boards

Kalia: from WarCry

and many others


Anyhow, we're all reaching out in anticipation of Obsidian's NWN2 expansion "Mask of the Betrayer", (and other much needed improvements to the NWN2 toolset including the release of the Granny Plug-In.) So please feel free to drop buy and anounce any projects you might have, or just talk up BG1 NPC, (or why the Infinity Engine is so important to this franchise etc.) The more voices I can get to join in this discussion the better. We're trying to make July 07 a month to circle the wagons, and to generate more interest in NWN2 (now that the patches are begining to improve things.) I've been trying to increase awarness about BG1 TUTU and the NPC project, so I'd love to hear from some familiar faces if any of you have the time.


All the Best



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