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Next Snag: Flirts


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Someday, something is going to work right on the first try, & I'm going to faint ;)


I'm attempting to write PC-initiated flirts with random NPC replies. The options available to the PC, as well as the replies, are going to change as the LoveTalk count increases.


The dialogue is in the KEVALENJ.D file, with no .bcs scripting (the tutorial that I read seemed to indicate that none was needed).


I'm getting a parsing/syntax error on "IF". The string on the Interjection immediately preceding it seems to be properly ended (I'm using Crimson Editor with the WeiDU syntax checkers), so I'm a bit stumped.


I've included the text from the final interjection, in case something there is causing the problem.



== KEVALENJ IF ~InParty("KEValen") InMyArea("KEValen") !StateCheck("KEValen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN

~My lady, allow me to assist you.~

== JAHEIRAJ IF ~InParty("KEValen") InMyArea("KEValen") !StateCheck("KEValen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN

~Thank you, Valen, but ... I am fine.~

== KEVALENJ IF ~InParty("KEValen") InMyArea("KEValen") !StateCheck("KEValen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN

~(She stumbles, and Valen reaches out a hand to steady her.) You are most assuredly *not* fine, my lady. If you wish to confront this Ployer yourself when we find him, you should conserve your strength.~

== JAHEIRAJ IF ~InParty("KEValen") InMyArea("KEValen") !StateCheck("KEValen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN

~(She sighs in resignation and leans upon the proffered arm.) You are right...but by Silvanus, I will take every moment of this out of his hide!~

== KEVALENJ IF ~InParty("KEValen") InMyArea("KEValen") !StateCheck("KEValen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN

~You will not be alone in that endeavor, my lady.~




//PC Initiated Flirts Early


IF ~IsGabber(Player1)

Global("KEValenRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalLT("KEValenLoveTalk","GLOBAL",14)~ KEValenEarlyPCFlirts

SAY ~(You notice Valen watching you from the corner of his eye.)~

+ ~RandomNum(5,1)~ + ~Tell me about Sigil, please.~ + KEValenPCEF1.1

+ ~RandomNum(5,2)~ + ~Tell me about Sigil, please.~ + KEValenPCEF1.2

+ ~RandomNum(5,3)~ + ~Tell me about Sigil, please.~ + KEValenPCEF1.3

+ ~RandomNum(5,4)~ + ~Tell me about Sigil, please.~ + KEValenPCEF1.4

+ ~RandomNum(5,5)~ + ~Tell me about Sigil, please.~ + KEValenPCEF1.5

+ ~RandomNum(4,1)~ + ~(Smile at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF2.1

+ ~RandomNum(4,2)~ + ~(Smile at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF2.2

+ ~RandomNum(4,3)~ + ~(Smile at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF2.3

+ ~RandomNum(4,4)~ + ~(Smile at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF2.4

+ ~RandomNum(4,1)~ + ~(Wink at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF3.1

+ ~RandomNum(4,2)~ + ~(Wink at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF3.2

+ ~RandomNum(4,3)~ + ~(Wink at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF3.3

+ ~RandomNum(4,4)~ + ~(Wink at him.)~ + KEValenPCEF3.4

+ ~RandomNum(5,1)~ + ~How do you like the surface world?~ + KEValenPCEF4.1

+ ~RandomNum(5,2)~ + ~How do you like the surface world?~ + KEValenPCEF4.2

+ ~RandomNum(5,3)~ + ~How do you like the surface world?~ + KEValenPCEF4.3

+ ~RandomNum(5,4)~ + ~How do you like the surface world?~ + KEValenPCEF4.4

+ ~RandomNum(5,5)~ + ~How do you like the surface world?~ + KEValenPCEF4.5

+ ~RandomNum(3,1)~ + ~(Play with his tail.)~ + KEValenPCEF5.1

+ ~RandomNum(3,2)~ + ~(Play with his tail.)~ + KEValenPCEF5.2

+ ~RandomNum(3,3)~ + ~(Play with his tail.)~ + KEValenPCEF5.3

+ ~RandomNum(3,1)~ + ~(Stare at him boldly.)~ + KEValenPCEF6.1

+ ~RandomNum(3,2)~ + ~(Stare at him boldly.)~ + KEValenPCEF6.2

+ ~RandomNum(3,3)~ + ~(Stare at him boldly.)~ + KEValenPCEF6.3



Any ideas?

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You need




after interjections and before your flirts. Also, you need an extra END, after all KEVALENJ dialogues end.


(In short: you need APPEND every time you put an interjection or a CHAIN, because they break the file. Which is why in most NPC mods all interjections/chains are on top.)

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Also if you had any extensive dealings with code (programming, web development, etc.), you'd know that anything exceeding 10 lines of code never works on the first try. It's a "feature" (as M$ would say) that is built directly into your brain. ;)

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